Skills Summary

* Substantial experience welding, soldering and working with electronic circuits; developed by working with electronics, computers and automotive electrical systems
* Comfortable working with and on computers.
* Familiar with a wide range of software:
Controls RSLogix (PLC5), DVT, Cognex, Rapid, ControlNET, DeviceNET, SISO Tool, Simulink
Productivity Win 9X/NT, Linux, Word, Access, PowerPoint, Excel, Project, Outlook
Design AutoCAD, Solidworks, Illustrator, Fireworks, Photoshop
Development Matlab, MathCAD, Labview, C/C++, VB, Dreamweaver, Flash, HTML
Starting to Learn AJAX, PHP, Ruby on Rails, MySQL
* Excellent working independently and as a team
* Quick learner and good at thinking outside of the box
* Ability to adapt to various working conditions and apply analytical skills
* Fluent in both English and Portuguese languages. Intermediate level Spanish
* Pending US Permanent Resident application – Employment Authorization Document
* WHIMIS training gained through course of academic study


University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario
Candidate for Bachelors of Applied Science in:  
Mechatronics Engineering
September 2003 -
  -Option in Biomechanics
  -Option in Management Science  
* Relevant Courses: Mechatronics, Sensors, Digital Controls, Circuits, Image Processing, Algorithms and Fuzzy Logic
* One of few students attempting two engineering options.
* Excellent academic standing and cumulative average of 80+%.

Work Experience

Toyota / Lexus Work term
Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Canada, Woodstock  
Research and Development
April 2007 -
  Thermal Imaging of Stamped Panels
September 2007
  Thermal Expansion of Prototype Robots  
* Responsible for researching and developing solutions for several industry problems
* Worked extensively on automated split detection for pressed panels and repeatability of snake welding robots.
*   Designed, tested and patented innovative way of detecting splits using differential calculus, Labview and thermal imaging.
* Worked with hardware manufacturers to trial and test potential hardware configurations.
* Technology has potential to save well over $2 million/plant at current scrap rate and received outstanding job rating, plus an offer to return
* Worked long hours and willing to put the time in to get the job done. 60 hour weeks was not uncommon
General Motors Work Term
General Motors, Oshawa Truck  
Mechanical/Controls Engineering
September 2006 -
  Robotic Image Recognition
January 2007
  Andon System - GMT 900  
* Responsible for implementing modifications required for the GMT900 truck launch
* Work was primarily in the Wheel/Tire room and involved improving reliability, cycle time and quality of the manufacturing process
* Major projects include the redesign of the robotic stemmer, vision system scheduling and modifications to accept GMT900 rims
* Changes saved in excess of $200,000 and received outstanding job rating, plus 2 offers to return
Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company, Windsor Operations
1st term
Industrial/Electrical Engineer
Aug 04 - Jan 05
  Ford Falcon Engine Launch - Assembly and Machining
2nd term
  Steam Cogeneration - Optimizing Boiler
May 05 - Aug 05
Term 1
* Responsible for coordinating productivity improvements
* Used leadership skills to lead a team of coops
* AutoCAD was used for 3D modeling of various items required for production
* Helped launch the Falcon sports car engine which required process changes and line balancing
Term 2
* Optimizing steam turbine downtime and cost analysis at the Ford Powerhouse for electrical generation
* Excellent rating from employer
Other Employers
Valiant Machine and  Tool
IKE Building Maintenance
Thiago Avila


University of Waterloo FSAE
4th Year Project  
Predictive Traction Control
May 2007 -
  Dynamic Force Model of Vehicle
  Torque Generation Control  
* Responsible for designing and developing predictive traction control to stabilize oversteer in vehicle
* System preemptively determines and prevents wheel slip
CUTC Non-profit Organization
CUTC 2008  
Sponsorship Executive/Organizer
September 2007 -
  Obtain sponsorhip from corporate sponsors
January 2008
  Setup/Run event  
* Assembling, overclocking and benchmarking high performance computers
  3DMark, Sandra, Prime95, LAME, Crysis
  Liquid cooling, phase change
* Designed and built LCD projector - 1500 Lumens / 400 watts
* Golf, bowling, hockey, fishing, and swimming