Why Bell Canada is losing customers?

Sunday, May 9th, 2010 @ 5:28 pm | Uncategorized

So as of late I have been traveling extensively to the United States. As such I have been looking around at carriers and their competitiveness.  First off: None of the Canadian providers are cost competitive with major ones in the US. In the US it is fairly common for no plans to charge long distance fees. In Canada I can’t even make a call that is within a 30 minute drive without charges. Data plans are $30 for unlimited… I pay $30 for 1GB. Just absolute crap. ATT offers plans that are cheaper with no roaming, long distance or data charges in Canada/US for cheaper than any Canadian provider offers a Canada only plan. Just think of the business/economic loss due to the lack or disincentive to communicate and share. I know it has really hindered my ability to search and talk while down here. But now getting to the major point. Rogers offers a North American Data option for $10 a month for up to 1GB…. Bell offers a “US Plan”… which for the awesome price of $10 per month fixed plus $1 per MEGABYTE does the same. Pretty much makes it useful only for email because in Canada I typically use 20-30MB a day. The worst part was my interaction on the phone. They basically said that was our price and we can’t do anything about it. I think that is unacceptable to not be competitive with your direct competition. I mean I would not care if it was $15 for the one month versus Rogers $10… but comparing a $10 charge with a potential for several hundred seems to be ludicrous at best.  BELL CANADA if you read this… The way you dealt with this situation was below unacceptable. I needed to get a ATT SIM and buy their $20 UNLIMITED Data plan for the month.  The fact they can offer me a service for $20 for unlimited while you wanted to gouge me is terrible. Also my billing for my Satellite is repeatedly error filled and requires me to call in… from my house in Canada that gets terrible reception despite being in one of the most tourist filled areas in Ontario (Thousand Islands Parkway). I drop calls repeatedly and get no service more often than not.As soon as I have a chance I am going drop all my Bell services and go completely American based service since I get better signal and service quality. You would think for a customer that does $2500 in business a year would be treated a bit better. Sorry for the rant. </End Frustration> 



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