Things that will sell the next car

Jan 29, 2008 in Automotive, Electronics

Embracing technology. I see car companies who focus too much on specs. Ok, for me I would rather take a 2002 Camaro over a nice civic, but for the majority of people it is more about interface.

Make something innovative, I keep stressing to make the inside of the car more high tech. Make an LED / LCD dash, make it open source. The after market would love it, and people would too. Imagine a car, that allowed you to sync your ipod/zune/MP3 player with your car. Not only that but show your song and playlist on the dash. An LCD dash would allow you to scroll through multiple slow changing gages in the same space, opening up new areas for innovative ideas. LCD prices are cheap compared to the price of a car, implementing it would significantly alter the price of a vehicle.