Web 2.0, the good, the bad…the ugly

Feb 25, 2008 in News, Personal

For a long time, I thought that democracies and using the ideas of the masses was the way to go. I thought that Reddit.com, Digg and Delicious were the new leaders of the internet. That by leveraging all the brains on the internet you can get awesome information and stuff that I like.

Lately, that has all been going downhill. I have been getting tired of stupid articles appearing at the top of these lists. Things such as silly pictures, unimportant news and the real killer is politics. Now, many people are going to say “Well maybe your not like everyone else, and your the weird one”. My response to you is “Yes”, and I realize that. When you go to a video about Huckabee, that is at the top of the list, and it has 2000+ positive reviews, but only 314 views, what does that tell you?

These services are meant to be a way for people to vote up informative articles, not a way for people to cast their opinion or influence on others. Huckabee congrats, you have a lot of followers/employees on reddit that blindly do your bidding. When I can start a thread about a purple photoshopped turtle shaped like a raspberry; and it gets to the top of the list, it is a sad day. That thread was shown over top of scientific discoveries, innovative software and services that may actually make a difference; but people would rather vote up a turtle than bother to read any of that other stuff.

This article inspired me to write this article, and voice some of the concerns with web 2.0 . By no means am I against web 2.0, but it does have it’s issues. When 1% of Wikipedia users make 50% of the edits; or the top 100 Digg users submit the top 44% percent of top stories, it speaks volumes of the general population.

Those top people are the entreprenuers, the business men, the early adopters. Everyone else is just happy with status quo, never really contributing to society. Now, a good friend of mine came up with an idea that I think is brilliant, even though it does cater to the top 1% of society. The knowledge sharing that goes on, with those people who own the businesses, the technology firms, the blogosphere and aspire to be great; will run the 21st century.

If only there was a way to get them all together.

Sidenote: Considering the name “A story about a friend of mine…” as the name of this blog.

Thiago Avila

Why Reddit and Digg are still beta?

Jan 05, 2008 in News, Web

If you haven’t heard of Reddit or Digg they are social networking news sites that in my opinion have the potential to break down traditional news. They don’t have the overhead that many media outlets have and also don’t have to rely on the personal tastes of one editor to find out what is good or bad news. The idea is that people submit articles that they personally like and then others vote the article up or down if they like it. You get points for recommending articles that other people also liked and these points give you more recommending power per se when you post another article. Now I am going to talk about the problems and how this can be solved. (more…)