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Thursday, January 3rd, 2008 @ 6:18 am | News, Personal

Every night in this quiet western Indian city, 15 pregnant women prepare for sleep in the spacious house they share, ascending the stairs in a procession of ballooned bellies, to bedrooms that become a landscape of soft hills. Original Story

This is seriously getting ridiculous. This is not one of the more common subjects I write about, but it caught my eye and I am taking an unnaturally hard stance in hopes of getting a response.

Commercializing pregnancies is just as bad as cloning or embryonic stem cell research (which I am not against). It has a bunch of problems. The problems where child grows up and wants to meet his mother, and only to realize their mother gave birth to them for money is very difficult for a person to understand. In this situation money is the sole motivation for the surrogate mother. Money that they desperately need due to the economic conditions in India that they would otherwise not consider. This is no different from young poor women going into prostitution or exotic dancing due to the high salary.

A mother is naturally attached to her baby and after nine months of carrying it will some way feel resent in giving it away. There is a reason why ‘counseling’ for the women is a major expense in these India clinics. I am willing to go out on a limb that the mothers feel A) attached to the child growing inside them or B) guilty for what they are willing to do for money.

There is a reason why it costs $80, 000 for the same thing here. That is way higher than the average salary in the United States, but not anywhere near 15 years worth. The reason why women are stepping forward is that $10,000 is a marginal cost to Americans but significant for the average Indian. Almost every person has a price that the causes them to accept something even if it involves putting morals behind them. There are strong willed individuals that will put their self-respect and morals above money, and most people begin like that. However, when hard economic times hit and you are forced to forgo your basic needs due to a lack of money, you begin reevaluating the situation. I would not be surprised if girls in India begin dropping out of school to become surrogate mothers.

I recently went to Cuba on a trip with my girlfriend and some friends. Before going, I did a lot of research into the culture, economy, and language. One of the most interesting things I noticed, was a disparity between men and women living in proximity to tourist areas. In a not so surprising fact, women in Cuba are able to afford themselves a much higher standard of living then men by selling their bodies. However, much to my surprise in my readings, many of them were highly educated and spoke many languages. These women were looking to find a foreign man and leave Cuba with someone who can provide. Due to this, many men found it extremely hard to find a mate since their ability to provide and earn a competitive salary was compromised.

Assuming India and/or China becomes the baby ‘manufacturers’ of the world, men will probably have to accept that their wife is repeatedly carrying another couples baby and that your salary will be almost meaningless to the family income. In all likelihood the laws of economics will apply. Current prices will fall as more women hear and apply to become a surrogate mother. A further drop in prices will most likely not significantly increase demand since to Western standards $10K is not very much. Prices will fall as supply increases until women will not find it financially appealing to be a surrogate mothers will all of the pain, sacrifice, moral issues and not to mention India’s high mother mortality rate.

Ok question. How much would you have to be paid to consider being a surrogate mother? I just want to see how much this variation this is and how it compares to the $80K figure in the article.

Thiago Avila

P.S. I am currently the middle of moving my other blog over so there is a giant empty space between May and December.



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