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Tuesday, October 1st, 2013 @ 12:21 am | Personal, Web


Due to overwhelming response from the four people that I work with, I will begin posting on my site again. Topics will range from general Lifehacks, Protips, and random investment advice I may or may not have just figured out.

For today’s topic, I will speak on books. Now for those who don’t really know me, I don’t really read books a lot but when I do it isn’t fantasy. I like to read to learn new skills, get ideas or history. (N.B. I do read/explore on the internet a lot). Today at work I was introduced to is the The Ultimate Electronic Book Library

Tuebl is a database that allows authors or randoms on the internet to distribute copies of their books for free without going through a publishing agent. It is a missionary project of the Komptismist Church of Idaho and is a thus a non-profit organization. They donate money to literacy related programs all of the world and help bring new content to regions that may not be supported by the main publishers.

The Best part is the Tuebl supports ODPS, which allows for cloud storage and querying of data directly by applications without have to visit the website.

iPhone – Clients (Megareader, Shubook and Marvin)

  1. Install Client
  2. Go to “Download Books”
  3. Click Edit
  4. Add “” to the “Other Catalogs” section.
    If there is an option to selet OPDS as the catalog type, please do so. Otherwise you should be done!

Android (Moon+)

  1. Click the “net library” link
  2. Click “Add new catalog”
  3. Type “TUEBL” for Catalog Name (optional)
  4. Type for Catalog URL


On your PC if you don’t use Calibre…Start. It is an application that organizes your books, and can act as a server hosting you private versions of the books your library remotely.


Without Wax,




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