Don’t Understand the Media these Days…

Monday, October 7th, 2013 @ 2:34 pm | Finance

It was always my understanding that the media is supposed to present unbiased information and REPORT on the news. What consistently passes for news though, are opinion pieces tied to the beliefs of the underlying organization. Fox news being right wing and pretty much all other news outlets being mainly left wing. These reports focus on discrediting the other side and pushing their agenda, which is a shame that a developed country cannot make informed decisions without being pushed one way or the other. The BBC and RTT, IMO are a much better news sources than virtually anything out of North America.

The Republicans have said they will fully fund all of the current obligations in exchange to discuss FUTURE deficit spending. Oh, the unreasonableness of it all! People need to pull their political bias heads out of their butts and try focusing on the real problem that EVERYONE should be addressing – Deficit spending.

I do not understand how it has been 5 years since emergency spending has been put in, the economy is growing, yet we are projecting trillion dollar deficits several years out. I would just like to point out that Bush Jr, was chastised as an overspending war monger yet his deficit averaged a quarter of what we are seeing today and were more in-line with economic growth at the time. The deficit spending today is multiples of what recent democratic and republican presidents have run, yet there is a mainstream refusal to acknowledge the problem. The problem is that interest rates cannot be raised once a certain level of debt is increased without crushing public services… and low interest rates are robbing the retirees who cannot safely invest in higher yielding investments without jeopardizing their nest egg. IMO this is not about Obamacare (whose individual mandate violates individual liberties) but more about the greater debt problem. More spending is not the answer.



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