How to get Pandora, Hulu, NetFlix (good one), BBC in Canada…

Monday, October 7th, 2013 @ 2:48 pm | Electronics, Gimmicky, Personal

So some Canadians remember a time before the CFTC banned the use of foreign media outlets in Canada who did not comply with certain french requirements. Some other media outlets also closed up shop due to copyright issues in Canada with their service providers.

Pandora is a part of the music genome project and it allows for the use of social engineering to recommend new artists to individuals based on how their current interests align with others in the demographic.

Hulu is the competitor to current media giants like Rogers, Telus, Verizon, and Comcast, but like NetFlix is used the TCP/IP protocol to channel that information to the home. Hulu primarily streams TV show content from the major television stations.

NetFlix is the only one of the three that is actually available in Canada, but unfortunately for most Canadian’s who have never experienced the real thing… is not what Americans enjoy. The selection of movies and TV has been dramatically reduced to comply with their regulations.


Fortunately, these companies all use the IP address of the user to determine the originating location. Since day one technophiles have been able to use these services as they were originally intending through the use of VPNs, SSH tunnelling or a proxy. For the masses they were out of reach. Today however, users of Chrome and Firefox can join in on the bandwagon relatively easily. The plugin is MediaHint, and it works… and well. It now only allows the use of the listed services but many others as well; such as CBC and other Canadian outlets when in the US.

For an easy guide visit these guys right here (chome users) or here for Firefox

The user experience is transparent once the plugin is enabled. The site just simply works as if you were viewing the content from the US.





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