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Cellular Service, is it that hard to do? Roger’s wireless

Feb 13, 2008 in Mobile

Ok, so in November I signed up for this family plan with my mom and my brother. At the time they sent a txt message to my with details on how to activate you voicemail on the Roger’s wireless service. Well with Christmas, exams and a conference on the way, I didn’t really have time at the time to setup. I know it only takes a few minutes, but I didn’t even have time to shovel the driveway let alone activate my mailbox. (more…)

802.11N is it all its cracked up to be?

Mar 16, 2007 in Electronics, Mobile, Personal, Semiconductors

Ok so using some of the money I got from selling my GM calls, I bought a D-link DIR-655 802.11n router and wireless PCI adaptor. Now the benefits of wireless N are numerous: 4x the range, 300 Mb/s throughput, and less interference. How does it do this is MIMO (multiple in, multiple out), which basically opens multiple channels of communication with the router and allows each adapter to process multiple channels simultaneously. Interference is reduced since if any channel has interference there are other channels to provide bandwidth.



Jan 04, 2007 in Electronics, Finance, Mobile

Wow… why does Apple never disappoint? I don’t how he does it, but Steve Jobs has turned Apple from a failing computer maker into one of the most innovative and envied companies of the 21st century. The Ipod has turned Apple into a household name, completely reinvented industrial design and Apple into a madly profitable company. Now Macs are cool, OSX is actually pretty good and Apple is gaining PC market share. (more…)

Smartphones…What to buy?

Dec 05, 2006 in Electronics, Mobile

I am a fairly high tech consumer. I am an early adopter and will usually pay the higher prices to have features that I see worthwhile and innovative. Wifi is one of those technologies. I own a HTC Blue angel device, which is a convergence devices and one of the only devices running Windows mobile with Wifi and phone features. HTC is a smartphone maker that makes a variety of Windows Mobile devices for several carriers around the world, and their products are often rebranded and sold under some of the major brands. (more…)