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Current State of Affairs in laymens terms

Nov 02, 2008 in Employment, Finance

Here is a great find.

On a Saturday, a Wall Street manipulator/man took a beautiful young
woman to an very expensive store in downtown NY. In the store, the man
decided to buy a $60000 LV handbag for the young woman. During the
check out, the man wanted to use a personal check to pay for the
handbag. The following was the conversation between the man and the
Cashier: I am sorry, sir, we do not take personal check.
Man: No problem. Today is Saturday, and all the banks are closed. How
about you keep both the check and handbag for right now. When the bank
open on Monday, you can cash the check. Then, I want you to deliver
this handbag to this lady.
Cashier: (big smile) sure, once the check is cashed on Monday, I will
deliver this handbag to the lady without any shipping cost.
On Monday, the bank rejected the check, because there is no money in
the account. The cashier called the man. The following was their
Cashier: Good morning, sir, your check is rejected by the bank, and we
are sorry that we can not deliver your purchase.
Man: That is OK! I do not need the handbag anymore, because I have
already had sex with that young woman yesterday. Thanks for your
(In this story, the cashier is analogous to those rating agents,
analysts and media. The young woman is analogous to you and other
small short-term investors/tax-payer/speculators who are hardworking
but poorly educated, who do not have own mind, who buys stocks on good
news today and sell on bad news tomorrow)
The key message of this story:
If those small investors/speculators/tax-payers do not deserve to be
fucked up, who else does ??!!!  I know so many people who buy stupid financial products at ridiculous rates form Investors Group, Sunlife Financial…XYZ company, because the 6-month company trained guy who makes a shit-load of commission selling it to them tells them its hot. They get them to buy into emerging markets, commodities when things are smoking… but when things turn around they are not there to tell them “Hey wait… this was a good idea six months ago but X,Y and Z just happened and this is a suckers bet now”…. nope that would just be too much to ask for someone who already got paid and the unknowing person gets stuck holding the bag all the way down.

No time in time square

Mar 12, 2008 in Employment, Personal

So after a near miss with my luggage almost ending up in Miami. (got it delivered to the hotel, same day … amazing what first class does) I ended up in what I must say is the most luxurious hotel I have ever been in. Service so far has been excellent and the rooms are slightly short of amazing, only thing missing is a jacuzzi in my room.

So Time Square appears to be a fantasy land, created by the masterminds of consumerism and sprinkled in are the biggest banks in the world. Bear Stearns, Lehman bros, JPMorgan Chase, BoA and Morgan Stanley are all in Time Square … plus Reuters, Nasdaq and Dow Jones. This area is seriously beyond belief. The stores in the area are ridiculous and go beyond what I would normally expect out of a retailer. For instance, there is a Toys R’ Us that is multi level and has a ferris wheel inside, a Hersey Chocolate store, Virgin, MTV, Saks Fifth Ave and many more. The area seems like someone heard of this thing called the LCD and just went nuts. I would say that the first 50 feet of almost every highrise is covered in LCD display and/or paper advertising. As you walk down the street, your entire visual field is advertising and blinking lights. But I guess that is understandable, you need to recover some of the investment you made in the area since real estate must be insanely expensive.

Oh when I get back to Canada, I plan on posting a picture of the NYPD… biggest joke police station I have ever seen. It has neon lights, that flash and change color from pink to blue, and in a stupid cartoon font.